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About Results®

RPUFF Results® RPUFF lets you create the outspoken identity for fabric decoration. Creative fashion, sportswear, fun apparel, youth garments, and more unique looking garments. Just heat with a press or an iron. Then watch the film rise to a cool 3D look with a matte finish. Production friendly, easy to cut and weed, and very flexible. Comes on a clear low-tack sticky back liner. Position on the fabric with ease. Heat and enjoy in 8-10 seconds. Suitable for Cottons, 50/50 and other similar fabrics. Just 85 microns thin (before heating) and 500 microns (after the heat transfer). RPUFF is unlike anything else in the market.

1. Cut in mirror (reverse) with 45° degree carbide blade,
2. Weed away unwanted film around image.
3. Pre-Press Garment 2-5 Seconds
4. Heat apply 300 °F w/ medium pressure for 8-10 seconds.
5. Peel Carrier Hot / Warm Wait 24 hours before washing. Wash inside-out.

Production friendly. Simple to cut and weed.
Small and large images.
Thickness: 75 microns, heated 500 microns
Matte finish, flexible, soft hand

Material Specifications:
Polyurethane (PU) composite Clear carrier, Pressure Sensitive sticky back.
Thickness: 75 microns, Flexible.
Suitable Fabrics, Cotton, 50/50.
Washability: 50 cycles Store in relative humidity from 60°F- 75°F.