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Results™ Platinum Print Opaque

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The ultimate Printable heat transfer film for  dark and light colored garments.

Perfectly personalize virtually any fabric, print high
resolution photo-quality detail on the brightest
white film in the industry. A 70-micron PU film with a
proprietary quick ink dry top coat that maintains
100% color fastness after 100 hot or cold-water
wash and dry cycles. We guarantee the easiest
film to weed small to large images. Pair Platinum
Print with our dedicated MASK, that has a
gradual, easy pull away from the film liner, for the
easiest release in the market today. – Suitable for

most digital printers with Eco Solvent, Solvent, UV

and Latex ink systems. (It is recommended that you

test print, as printing with third-party inks may not

provide the same quality results). – Available in roll

size 20” and 40” widths. Kindly note:


Platinum PRINT OPAQUE™ is NOT recommended

for Nylon fabrics unless uncoated.


Use with Results KMask





1. Print&Cut then weed the excess film surrounding graphic


2. Allow ink to gas out for 30 minutes.



3. Apply TDF Results Mask over remaining image



4. Preheat garment 2 seconds



5. Peel film liner & place on garment



6. Heat Press Time: 8-10 seconds - Medium Pressure



7. Heat Press Temperature: 300°F down to 275°F



8. Peel: Warm to Cool.


Peel warm, not hot. Final press 2 seconds.