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Contra Vision® Campaign™ Perforated Window Film

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Campaign White on Black

White on Black perforated window films for printing one-way vision graphics. Typically applied to the external window face with the graphics facing outwards and the black see-through side facing inwards.

Product range: Contra Vision® Campaign

Our range of perforated window films suitable for short-term promotional campaigns up to 2 years. Contra Vision® Campaign™ products retain many high quality features at very competitive prices, making it the market leader for this category of product.

Print technology/Liner: Universal GrayLiner

Suitable for all print technologies.

Transparency: 20% Transparent (80/20)

Maximum vibrancy to the printed image, maximum privacy and maximum protection from solar heat gain, glare and UV radiation. The level of through-vision is still acceptable for most static applications, particularly with full window coverage.

Transparency: 30% Transparent (70/30)

The standard choice for retail windows with strong image impact and good through-vision from inside stores.

Transparency: 40% Transparent (60/40)

The most popular option, with a good balance between image impact and through-vision, making it particularly suitable for vehicle windows and full building wraps.

Transparency: 50% Transparent (50/50)

The best possible through vision from inside although image impact is reduced. This option is sometimes specified for use on vehicle windows.