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Results™ ENVICTA Cut

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NEW ENVICTA Cut HEAT TRANSFER VINYL Personalize all types of Shirts, Athletic Sportswear, Hoodies, & MORE!



About ENVICTA Cut BEST low cost solution, with a high value look and performance. Simple to cut, weeds incredibly fast, apply at 305°F in 8-10 seconds. Great for low or high volume production business. Flexible, durable, multi-layer numbers, letters, and logos. Block out most fabric dye-migration issues with an ideal 130 Micron thickness. Soft Matte finish. Non-pressure sensitive clear carrier. Easy position and relocate. (Stack transfers without sticking.) Washed and dried 100+ times, remains flexible with a soft hand. Recommended fabrics: Cottons, 50/50’, Polyesters, Acrylic, Lycra and more.



  • Cut Job in Reverse
  • Easily weed the excess film media away from image.
  • Pre-heat garment 2-3 seconds
  • Position film where desired
  • Press at 305°F 8-10 sec. Med Pressure (60 psi)
  • Cold/Warm Peel
  • Polyesters: Start at 275°F 10-12 sec.

Care Instructions:

  • Wash max temp: 140°F
  • Mild Detergent
  • Color Setting without prewash
  • Bleaching Not recommended
  • Tumble dry on low
  • Test all Fabric for Dye Migration
  • Ironing: Do not use steam, Do not use direct contact of design when ironing on low-warm temp setting.