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About Results™ SUB BLOCK PRINT

Our white Polyurethane (PU) sublimation block film for printing and computer plotter-cutting. A flexible, carbon charcoal barrier film. Can be heat applied at 265°F which will compromise dye migration from the fabric. Comes with a bright white film top-coat, that will save you money on printing white ink. Offered for most Eco Solvent Printers. Has nice soft hand finish, very washable and durable at 100 Microns, superior abrasive, waterproof, stain resistant. • Works great for print/cut fine-detailed logos. • Ink dries in 45 minutes before fabric transfer. • Photo-graphic Print Quality • Semi-Matte finish, 4 season application. • Thin, durable, waterproof. • For light and dark colored fabric. Recommended fabrics: Cotton, Polyester, 50/50, Lycra, Spandex. and more.

  1. Print&Cut then weed the excess film surrounding graphic
  2. Apply TDF Results Mask over remaining image
  3. Preheat garment 4 seconds
  4. Peel film liner & place on garment
  5. Heat Press Time: 10-12 seconds – Medium Pressure
  6. Heat Press Temperature: 265°F – 300°F
  7. Peel: Warm to Cool