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Roland PC-600 Ribbon Cartridges

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For use in the Roland ColorCAMM PRO model PC-600 

Process Color Resin Cartridges: C/M/Y/K Resin cartridges provide superior scratch & water resistance as well as UV stability up to 5 years without lamination (see warranty document). Material compatibility is extensive, with cast or highperformance as the main media utilized for decal and graphic production. Three-color CMY composite images are most frequently used to save print time and running cost. Roland offers 3-color support via ColorCAMM PRO Windows driver version 2.0 available on the web, as well as through Roland’s SignMATE® PrintCUT software utilizing specific RIP settings outlined on the web.

Resin Spot Special Cartridges: Gold, Silver & White Specialty applications with highlights in metallic gold and silver are easily accomplished with the ColorCAMM PRO using these special resin cartridges. Primary applications include printing onto black vinyl for special effects or integrating gold and silver into a process color design. The latest update to the resin spot special cartridge category is the white resin cartridge where white is used as a backfill or for printing onto darker media. We strongly recommend using a polyester-based substrate as the scratch resistance is improved over printing directly to vinyl. We cannot currently guarantee scratch resistance with white onto cast or high-performance vinyl.

Wax Cartridges: C/M/Y/K Wax cartridges offer a cost effective solution on the ColorCAMM PRO. They are used primarily for textile transfers and proof decals on specially coated polypropylene material, which has an adhesive back so it is cutable and weedable. Color availability: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black.