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Roland VersaSTUDIO BD-8

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Desktop UV Flatbed Printer

Extraordinary product customization starts here. The new VersaSTUDIO BD-8 makes it quick and easy for anyone — even those with no prior experience — to print vibrant and detailed graphics on a wide range of objects.

Even better, the BD-8 fits on your desktop, making it ideal for use in home businesses, small offices, retail spaces and classroom settings. With a BD-8, adding value and appeal to items like phone covers, cosmetic cases, fashion accessories, sports memorabilia, gifts, bottles, and more is a breeze. Simply print directly onto items or print UV DTF transfers for application later.

Welcome to a new world of creative possibilities.

Don’t Just Print Things. Make Things.

With the BD-8, designs can be printed onto a wide variety of materials, including plastics, paper, leather and wood — even glass and metal with the onboard primer ink.

UV DTF with the BD-8

With the BD-8, you can produce UV DTF decals for transferring intricate designs onto a variety of surfaces* and shapes with no weeding required, such as plastics, metal, wood, acrylic, glass and more. The BD-8 delivers vibrant, detailed prints every time, ideal for putting photos, text and logos onto products like personalized technology, fashion accessories, event merchandise and more.

Print Vibrant Light Colors on Dark Surfaces

Print light colors on dark surfaces with our white ink cartridge. Plus, with the onboard Primer ink, designs can be printed on textures like glass and metal.

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* Testing is recommended for each material that graphics will be applied to. Items with graphic transfers should be washed by hand, as machine washing is known to reduce adhesion.